Friday, March 02, 2007


God, give us the strength to understand and sympathise with people
People of all sorts that this world sports
People who want to use you to save their skin
People who want to use you only to throw you in the bin
People who grudge you your ideas and success
People who want to take undue advantage of your kindness
People who smile at you and then stab you on the back as they go
People who want to hurt you just so it inflates their ego
People who have no respect for others who inhabit this earth
People who will go to any extent just for selfish mirth
People who want to make others look bad
People who want to find non-existent flaws in others and thus feel glad
Oh! This world is great, but its people are mad
Now, isn’t that the very very sad?
Is there a way out or have we all been had?
God, give us the maturity to see, in people, the divine force!
God, come what may in life, help us deal with the highs and the lows!


Chana said...

Thanks for writing this.

Megha said...

Actually fultoo times pass!

Jagjit said...

Nice one. Keeping it coming.

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Chana and Jagjit! :-) BTW, folks, I no longer blog main blog has become the single dumping ground for everything on my mind...including all the crappy and junky stuff.

Megha...yeah...time pass indeed!