Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Sometimes I feel I must have it all
Like anyone else; I too would need it after all
But sometimes I want to take what life gives me
With no less than a smile on the face
Life isn’t simple and easy
It is a tunnel with uncertain bends
At times I’d need the best
At times I’d be able to march on
But paradoxically,
If I want to be prepared for the worst
I can’t settle for anything less than the best
God has given me that hearty laugh
To probably drown the noise
And yet at times I hear the voice
It amounts to cacophony.
My wild imagination obtains wings
Sometimes the crazy heart despite it sings
Should I be happy for life per se?
Being sad will never help anyway!
And well, being a stoic means,there’s nothing to gain….and nothing to lose.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Life is Bliss

Why do you need a reason?
To enjoy and celebrate life?
Coz you can do so in any season!
Be it joy or be it strife!

Life is just fooling us!
When it throws in joy!
As much as it does...
When it sends sorrows, 'o' boy!

You are a smart person!
Only when you see through this,
Else you're in life's den!
Without any real bliss!

Monday, November 29, 2004

The road to sunlight...

The road to sunlight...
Doesn't come without many a fight!
But it's worth the plight!
For it's one great sight!
Promising and bright!
And remember....darkness always brings light!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

People that don't reason!

You're sometimes not allowed to 'rest' ,
Despite doing your best !
Take such things easy...and in your stride,
And it'll turn out to be one smooth ride!
Never let it make you turn and toss,
For, before you know it, it will surely pass!
Brush it off but like a speck of dirt,
And, voila, it'll never leave you hurt!
Ignore the people that don't reason!
And that'll be half the battle won!
Or else it'll simply weigh a ton.
There's nothing to worry as long as the job is well done,
You ought not to see the darkness, but the light from the sun...


When uncertainty rears its ugly head!
There seems to be a lot to dread...
It might be so that life is no rosy bed!
But after all, in life, one does want to go ahead!

The best way to all fears shed...
And with courage in the heart, tread!
For uncertainty per se never left anyone dead!!
All one needs is to be by patience led.

Though I've said it once; again let it be said...
For it's something that many a time can be read!
Uncertainty and its pains will be surely dead,
When to patience and courage, one is wed!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

One Life

One life isn't just enough to know all...
but it almost takes a life-time just to know this!
So, is it wise to go in search of a major 'haul'?
or just sit back and look at some and give the others a miss? :-)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Non-stop Nonsense #2

Why do things happen the way they do?
All of a sudden and out of the blue!
Is there a lesson in it for you?
Or is it just something that was anyway due?
Sometimes, it just doesn't seem to be true!
That it can happen to you!
Admittedly, things that you agree with are few!
But the wise are sure it's just a cue...
To learn and start life anew!
All that seems bad is actually good from another view!

Non-stop Nonsense #1

Life will be nothin' but a wonderful song...
If only we sing along!